Monday, July 25, 2005

DAMN that Hypoglycemia!

And thank god for Marshmallows! (perfectly melted in the car I might add!)

We have tons of catching up to do! ..we've been in internet withdrawl! Starting with our outings from LA to Vegas BABY!!! Can you say Adult wonderland? I think so! In fact I think the words "free beer if you gamble" sums it up.

But before we get to much ahead, we made a "little" detour to Joshua tree and the Salton Sea. Hmm...too sum up that day... let's say: Salton Sea: Why the hell would anyone go there? Looks like the tourists looked out over the dead fish and flies and decided to BOMB it! (see pictures for proof) and Joshua Tree: CHOLLA!! and HOLY CRAP was it damn hot! Yes mom, it was like 120 degrees..and no, we're not dead. (But we did see an unfortunate frenchman after a cactus attack..).

Once we got to Vegas we stayed in the much famed Circus Circus where the children flowed like the river styx. Ug. Quickly moving out of the mayhem we hit the town!!! Our goal? See as much of vegas as humanly possible from 10pm to 12noon the next day. The first stop was to see the .. um... attractions at Treasure Island (aka TI). They usually have some kind of PG13 show. Little did we know, this time we were guests of a tittie show. Oh my. During the show our running commentary entertained those unaware. Esti suggested cooling people off by tossing them in the moat. Hopkins, our fellow like-minded tourist joined our antics and accompanyed us on our whirlwind "MUST SEEE EVERYTHING" tour. I don't think he knew what he was in for! Vegas was crazy!! They built whole cities in the casinos! we were in Vencie (with the gondolas), Middle East, NY, Egypt, etc. We both won big on the poker machines! All in all we made $4 and 2 free beers together! Ha, we beat the system!

Grand Canyon was our next destination. As you would imagine.. BEAUTIFUL! We kept getting vertigo looking over the cliff. The hike down was excrusheating (especially since our muscle had turned to fat in the car). We met fellow hikers on the way down who got REALLY friendly with the "wild" life, can you say squirrel love? We were on our hour hike straight up, when a young whippersnapper park ranger ran past us trailing "It looks like rain!" behind us. Sure enough we hit ANOTHER thunderstorm. We think it's following us!

Next stop Hearst Castle!!

Creepy bombed out Salton Sea


Hopkins making Lemonade in the Bellagio!

Indoor Gondolas (they sang too!)

Squirrel heart peanut butter

Esti heart Canyon (and jugs of water)


At 6:21 PM, Blogger Tripp said...

Oh! Hearst Castle is waaaaay cool. You must watch the movie - that dude was a freak!

At 7:37 PM, Blogger mum said...

Hearst Castle? I didn't hear about the Hearst Castle! (That must seem like eons ago by now.) Hypoglycemia? Okay, which one of you isn't eating?!!

At 1:19 PM, Blogger Telecomedian said...

Priddy pictures! Priddy!!

So, did you piss the Hearst Castle tour guide off and say "Oh, I loved him when Leonardo DiCaprio played him in that movie!" like I would have? Keep insisting that Hearst and Hughes were one in the same.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger jeffrey rowland said...

Most of the backgrounds for Overcompensating are from the Hearst Castle! Please take some background shots for me if you can!

At 5:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay i got a postcard!
are you going to see patty hearst at the hearst castle?


At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Watson said...

Squirrel Love. Isn't that a bluegrass band from North Cakalaky. - Squirrel Punk


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