Wednesday, August 10, 2005

And that's all she wrote...

We made it!!! A full 4 1/2 wks of sheer mayhem. It's wierd to be out of the car. It seems like we never left, except for the loss of muscle...It's hard getting up the stairs.

Final Tallies!

FREEE!!! We got..
Comic-Con (thank you ANDY)
Beer! (Thank you DeShutes!)
Gift Baggies

Total times pulled over: 2
One warning, one speeding ticket

Total sketchy nights: 1
Soda Springs...slept with the maglite in hand. (remember the roaming dogs? Fun times.)

Total Hostels: 2
San Fransico, Chicago
Hotels: 3
Vegas, Twin Falls, Cheyanne

States: 23 (not including denial)

Animal Attacks:
Coyotes in Texas and Utah
Giant Spiders in AZ
Roaming doggies ID and PA
Goats & Emus in Utah
Jackelope & Bison in SD

Lady Truckers: Only 2! (including large marge)

Total mileage: approx... 11,000!!!!! (it got a bit fudged on the LAST day!! Diana "MY BAD!")

Thanks to everyone we met and stayed with! You guys were AWESOME!! and those posted comments were like a breath of homey air. AHHH! So refreshing.

It's real, cause I'm keeping it real.

HEART Esti & Diana xoxoxo

Dino Park in Utah...You should have seen the lazer show!

"This was the fryer basket"... the worlds most "WONDERFUL" tourguide. Full of fun and insights. Also see * crazy people that lived in a rock.

Found Porn in Arches National Park (It's a national park for god sakes!)

Yes, we ventured to the wire dome-ball. And no, there were no guardrails or stability. We think we peed a little on the way down. (Rain + metal = VERY slippery)

Beef and Pie Rule!

LeLand and Josh. Our 2 partners in crime.

STURGIS BIKE RALLY! Sigh...we left our hearts as well as our future bikes there.

60' biker, codename "Jolly Green Giant" . We kid you not. He had full leather wear. Brocolli will never taste the same.

Stealth photo taking

HOUSE IN THE ROCK, WISONSCIN. GO THERE. NOW. only a FEW pictures, couldn't get the whole thing... must keep walking... must see everything... too many... circus...dolls...head explody...gahhhhhhh.....

(notice the child's animal morphing... I ask you, do his parents know?)

MARYLAND!! and only at 3AM! Straight from Chicago. Piece of cake.


At 5:12 PM, Blogger jeffrey rowland said...

What an adventure! I am stupefied and jealous. In what seems a life full of regrets, this will be one thing you will look back on and think "I sure am glad I did that."


At 4:14 AM, Anonymous Watson said...

Welcome Home. Now; did we ever find the Banana Army??????

At 6:57 AM, Blogger Telecomedian said...

Rock on, Gersons. Glad yer back home in two pieces.

At 2:34 AM, Blogger GH said...

Congratulations! It's fun to see that you stopped in Carhenge, as that's my neck of the woods. I'm sorry that I didn't find this site sooner. My lady and I would have loved to help you. If you ever try this again and you need room in Omaha, I'll help. Great job.

At 7:48 AM, Blogger wj said...

omg omg omg I was looking for your website to show my friends those clothes you made and I searched and I found this blog

At 12:05 AM, Blogger Treacle said...

Yay for fellow comic fans visiting my blog! That looks like a great trip. :-)


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