Sunday, July 10, 2005

Day 1 "everything looks like chicken" Dear Roadtrip Diary, (RT for brevity's sake!) We're off to a good start. Esti stayed below the 90 speed limit! It's been 24 hours and we've seen 4 states so far and it looks like a tornado hit the truck. The first casualty to be lost to the truck vortex (very similar to the laundry sock vortex) was Esti's breakfast banana ("I miss it." sighed Esti). Our first stop was Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, where we narrowly escaped the movie of doom! We could appreciate his vision because he embraced nature rather than bulldozing it over like f*ing Walmart! Diana had hallucinations of chickens lurking in every room. "This teapot looks like a chicken!" "Is this lighter a chicken?" "CHICKEN!!" We enjoyed the herb garden and the 2 cm high toilets. After PB&J sandwiches made with a pilfered knife we piled back in the RAV and continued westward bound. Somewhere between PA and WV Esti scared the crap out of driving Diana with her war cry, "CABELA'S!!". To which Diana replied, "JESUS CHRIST!! What the hell is cabela's?!" Only the best hunting amusement park, EVER! Its beyond description. They even had their own dead dear museum with and animatronic fun-loving hunter. (We parked in row F). Then came the daunting task of finding a place to camp around Columbus at around 11pm. We stumbled onto Buckeye State Park where the campgrounds just happened to be at full occupancy. Diana used her wily ways to pirate our way onto a place to call home for the night. (possession is 90% of the law!). Getting up the next day at 8am and on the road by 9 was a feat for the Gersons! Lessons Learned: 1. DO NOT EAT AT WHITE CASTLE...EVEEERRRRRR!!!! 2. A little campsite bribery goes a long way. 3. Do not take your eyes off of your banana. 4. Everything is NOT a chicken ("It is!!" said Diana) Music So Far: Oranges Band Spoon Beta Band Alien Ant Farm The Cars Radiohead

Lessons learned.
A little campsite bribery goes a long way.
Do not take you eyes of your banana!
Everything is NOT a chicken (“It is!” Diana said)

Music so far
Oranges Band
Beta Band
Alien Ant Farm
The CarsRadiohead