Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Can't hear you! Too much fog between my ears...

Hearst Castle. It was the Vatican of the US. We ain't whistling dixie here people. That man, he was CRAZY!!! The highlight was at the end when diana asked if she could join the unofficial parties in the "swimming in the night sky" reflective pools. (that took 3 years just to put in all the mosaics! Good lord). Mom, we are shipping you there right now. We think you can live comfortably in one of the closets.

But oh yes. Moving up the coast we have hit the mother load!! We had a lovely dinner of deli and public intoxication in Carmel ("It's quaint" remarked LeAnn) and then a wee little pit stop where diana decided to pee in the wind.. off the cliff...with just a flashlight. That girls got guts, especially when Mac trucks are veering towards our little RAV.

Unfortunatly, as per Roman, we have hit San Fran at the "foggiest" time of the year! Hurray for impulses! Cousins LeAnn and Alvin put us up for ... 3 NIGHTS!! can you believe it? We have actually settled down, in one place, for more that 1 night! ("I let the ants in my pants run free for a bit" says Esti).

San Fransisco was the most awesomist, coolest, superduperest place ever! We even got to work on our ass muscles going up and down the hills! Ahh...shin splints, how we missed thee.

We got into, what is known as "trannie-ville" the first night and stayed in a ADORABLLE hostel (with FREE wireless!.. now that's style) where we met fellow Paul Rueben beer crawl enthusiasts. Shout out to John of manchester & Dave of york!

Our first day we went to the resort area known as Mill Valley.. where LeAnn & Alvin live.. get this, for all you deadheads, they live down the street from Bob Wier and Ann Garcia (jerry's wife). Apparently that's not exactly San Fran, but coming from B-more, it's San Fran to us! We finally were able to spend some time on the beach. The weather was gorgeous but the water was still freezing. Sunday and Monday we explored the city which was fab! Monday night Esti finally realized her dream of getting boozy at the Big Foot Lodge. Sasquatch and jackalopes abound and we shared a girl scout between the two of us....tasty! Our last day in that grand city concluded with a fantastic soire at the Kabuki Spa in Japantown. We got BEATEN into tranquility during shiatsu massages and sweated out the road dirt in the coed communal baths. That sounds bad, but really it was super cool! THANKS DAD!!!

We'll miss you San Francisco but on to Portland! Oh and no pics this time...see the casualty list....

1. Laptop (sad but true. the little fella was left behind at LeAnn and Alvin's. See ya in 3 weeks little buddy!)
2. Banana (Gone, but not forgotten. We'll miss you!)
3. Several M&Ms

Diana's List of Items Lost Within Seconds of Touching:
1. Keys
2. Flashlight (that one was bizarre)
3. Fee Envelope for Camping
4. Hoodie
5. Camera
6. Esti
7. Money
8. Knife

(Diana: I'd just like to say that all these things were found...even though it took 8 times as long to find as it did to loose them. oy.)

MUAHAHA we have escaped baltimore's clutches with coffee and free internet in hand..ONWARD!