Saturday, July 30, 2005

Watching TV from the Van in the next lane

Dear RTD,
Reasons why god loves roadtrippers. We have stumbled into heaven in Oregon. RIGHT NOW in Portland is their annual Brewfest. Our beer prayers have been answered! Breweries from all over, all within a block radius. It's amazing the people brewfests pull-outta the woodwork! We met tons of jolly people completly tanked, bartenders, evangelists wanting to save our boozing souls and there were even clean bathrooms! Esti's ratio of good to bad samples was 4:0, Diana's an unfortunate 1:4.. who knew you could go wrong with "Old bastard Ale?" Thank god for sharing!! (Sharing and Shotgunning that is)
Oh yes, and that was just portland!! We have since moved onto Bend, OR. THE microwbrewery CAPITAL!! We wipe the tears of joy away, and gaze clearly on the DeShauntes Beer Tour.

(PS no pictures as of yet.. Because Best Buy does not always have the Best Buys. JERKS!)