Monday, August 01, 2005

Now Entering Butte City

OOohh Dechutes Beer Tour was fabulous...especially after they liquor you up before the tour even starts. Diana asked lots of questions and learned that yes it is infact hops that she dislikes so much in beer. After the tour we mozied over to Oregon's version of The Funny Farm. Think Wizard of Oz on crack. There were bowling ball plants, a yellow submarine, live crowing roosters, and even a wholy cow. Next stop was the Lava Tube of doooom. We grabbed our trusty maglite and a couple of jackets and made our way down. Oregon, up with the land dwellers, was about 100 degrees. Down in the tube it was a chilly 46....ahhhhh...however it was also pitch dark. Once we were down there we realized how piddling the maglite was and tagged along with an international volunteer group who had the sense to get several lanterns. After stumbling around in the dark for about an hour we came back out to the daylight and headed for Idaho. En-route we realized we were in the middle of Oregon, on a windy dark road...with almost no gas left. The first "town" we hit (by town that means 4 houses and a stray dog) the pump had shut down at 5pm. Typical! So we hold our breath and figure we can make it another 30 miles. By the time we hit the next town, things are dire. We figure if the gas station there is closed we'll just have to camp out for the night and wait till morning. So of course the pump is closed (this was podunk Oregon) and we pull into an RV park. With much eyebatting we manage to get the propriator to sell us the gas he was going to use for his lawnmower..yay! we can make it to the next town where there's a shell station. We make it to the shell station with about 5 minutes till closing and with a full gas tank and some cheetoes we head eastward!

The next town we get to we pull off at the first RV place we find, set up camp and head out to the bar. It was a cross between Cabelas and The Great Outdoors. Deer heads lined the walls and by the bathroom was a bear skin hanging on the wall. FUN! We met two guys, Mike and Sean, who were bicycling across the US. Good god and we thought our butts were pancakes but it was nice to run into some like-minded people.

Quotes Overheard:
"I don't have enough energy to talk good speech"
"I don't understand...why are you traveling like this?"
"Hey lady! watch out for our car! its parked in the middle of the road and you might get stuck going around it!"

Car Games:
Modified Kevin Bacon Game
Spot the Sasquatch
Chipmunk Sudden Death
Bovine Belting
E is for Empty