Friday, August 05, 2005

We have a winner!

I guess Best buy can come through for somethings...
Sidney, Nebraska has the best computers yet! Hurray!
Last night was a real bed, real TV and real ability to charge batteries!

Hearst Wondermazement "Swimming in the Night Sky Pool"

Diana swimming in Big Sur

Diana boozin it up at the Quaint village of Carmel, CA

Yummy Green Tea in the Japanese Tea Garden

Turn the corner and bam.. Girl on Cellphone AND cool art.. what more can you ask for in San Fran?

MECCA!!!! That's a girl scout that Esti is drinking in the Bigfoot Lodge! And Bigfoot WAS there!

Another pic of the deterorating "organization" of the car..

LeAnn and Alvin RULE!!! Thanks for letting us stay there so long, And thanks for sending back the "package." I know we said you could keep it, but do you really want a computer that only has Esti's Resume on it? BORING!!

Now if only we could get the pic of the chick with the Aragon t-shirt. With no sense of irony.. hmm...

PORTLAND BREWFEST!!! The other, OTHER mecca!! Alas...we found West Coasters LOVE thier Hops.

A little place in Bend called..the Funny Farm. Some might remember this from our amazing trip to Interlocken..where we stayed at the Funny Farm. Hmm...I think someone is trying to tell us something? PEACE!

Playing the humourous game of "E is for Empty!" Thanks mike!

Ice Caves in Idaho

Trying to take over the world!