Sunday, August 07, 2005

Good God Almost 10,000 Miles...WTF?

Oy jeez, we just looked back and see we haven't updated since Idaho. OMG. Well since then we hit up the Mormon State commonly known as Utah. If you all remember back to Oregon we met Sean and he told us if we were going to be near Salt Lake we should drop by his friends place that live in Alta (a ski bum town of 400 right outside the city). We odds or evensed it and decided to go. The guys, MJ and Altie, had the sweetest pad! Over the summer rent is super cheap and they had this huge ski chalet style apartment. The told us the place to go was Park City and that if we went to a bar called O Shucks we should ask for the Wookie. So follow this..we met sean in oregon 3 days before who told us to go see his friends MJ and Altie and they told us to go ask for this guy the Wookie...ahh six degrees of seperation. Anyway, we went to the bar and got one of the best burgers ever and a fishbowl sized beer. Think Friday's smoothie drinks. They give you all this booze for cheap but then the kicker is that since its Utah the alcohol content can't be above 3.2. Little different after coming out of Oregon. While at the bar we met Chris, a chatty guy in town on business. We needed a place to stay for the night so he suggested the hotel up the street. Unfortunately once we got there it was where all the other hotels. It was 9pm.

Next day: Colorado

Cold and rainy when we got there. We camped out and the ranger told us that night had gotten down to 43 degrees. Yeah, we noticed!

Stops the next day included our favorite anti-state government castle builder, Jim Bishop for Bishops Castle. Scariest welded tower stairs ever. The were made out of gratting. M&D do not go there! Afterwards we tried to see Pikes Peak, at 14,000 feet the tallest point on the Continental US, but we were foiled by fog and snow.

Onto Nebraska:
Chimeny Rock. The most photographed rock in the states. Its a rock. It looks like a chimeny.

Carhenge. AWESOME! We wish this would happen at our family reunions.

South Dakota (and we're up to date! yay!)
Who knew that SD could be so cool?? we didn't! We stayed the night in Hot Springs where we got a steak dinner for 6.95 and then went drinkin in a biker bar called The Bar. It turns out that Sturgis Motorcycle week is starting the same day we arrive. We decide we must check this out and all the sites are along the way anyway. We checked out Flintstone city (total tourist trap), Crazy Horse (from the side of the was 20 bucks to get in!), and Mt. Rushmore (stealth parking and hiking was involved in getting pics of this one). Sturgis was next and really there are no words to describe the leather-clad, tattooed, rattailed mayhem. The bikes were pretty though and they were EVERYWHERE! The drive up was like playing Frogger. Esti started cursing, "Pick a *^&% lane!!!" After being chased with a water hose, cat-called at, and modeling with hogs we got the heck outta dodge, with Diana driving this time (less R rated commentary).

Wall Drug was next. Its a Pharmacy on steriods. It takes up a whole city block and its filled with all kinds of tourist stuff, photo ops, and singing animatronics. We kicked butt playing Star Wars and Lord of the Rings pinball.

This morning we saw the Corn Palace of Mitchell. Its made of corn, folks. Inside is a basketball stadium/theater turned gift shop. Middle america ROCKS!

pics to follow.