Friday, July 15, 2005

Weee is for West

Oh thank god for internet. Who knew that Tombstone had made its way into the 21st century! Lets see, its been 3 states since the last post, Texas, New Mexico, and now Arizona. Texas was insane. Nothing out there but flatness and the worlds biggest cross (pictures to post later). We camped out in Palo Dura Canyon on Tuesday night. It was very pleasant until Esti smacked me awake around 1am to yell that we had to throw the fly on the tent because a massive lightning and thunderstorm was coming through. Thunder through a canyon is pretty intense to say the least but then when the coyotes started howling the creep factor went up to 10!

The next morning it was blazing hot and we headed out to Roswell, NM. Of course by the time we got there everything had closed since it was 5pm. Where are we?!? things closing at 5pm? sheesh. Little podunk towns are making me miss DC. Anyways, we rushed through Roswell and headed up into the mountains (yes there are mountains in NM) where the tempurature dropped about 40 degrees. We hit up a local bar and made friends with some Texans who were there vacationing. Man they must have been pool sharks, we lost royally.

Thursday was White Sands and wowee! It was a desert of..well...white sand. Yay for national parks where you can run amock! We made it to Arizona last night and stayed in a vintage trailer from the 50s. Esti made jiffy pop on the gas stove and i entertained myself with an old viewfinder binocular thingy. We settled in for a relaxing night until esti jumped a mile high and scared the crap outta me. We had a very large visitor with eight legs. fun stuff.

Lessons Learned:
1. Clean the windshield of bugs fairly regularly...otherwise they start to pile up.
2. Time Zones are not always where you think they are.
3. Its hard to know you're speeding when the landscape NEVER CHANGES!

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